Pat Hickey
908 458 6675
PO Box 17352, Portland OR 97217

I live in Portland, Oregon and work at Helium.


You can find my projects on Github.

I've been playing around with amateur (ham) hadio. My callsign is W7PCH. My handheld and car radios sometimes broadcast my position on APRS, often when I am traveling or hiking. I've also been working on reverse engineering and creating an alternative firmware for the Tytera MD380 DMR radio. I primarily use the DMR User ID 3141020, and have a secondary ID 3141022 which I use for experimenting.


I worked at Galois from 2011-2015. My primary role during that time was leading engineering for the SMACCMPilot project, a high assurance quadcopter flight controller.

We have published a paper on this project at ICFP 2014. My talk was recorded.

Some of my work was featured on 60 Minutes in February 2015.

Previously, I was a maintainer on the open source ArduPilot project, and the co-creator of Mavelous, a web app for controling ArduPilot and other drones designed for mobile devices.

I studied Electrical Engineering at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Some work from my time there: